All food is looked after by our mum, the justly celebrated for her delicious cuisine, Nerantzoula.

We value a return to natural and naturally sourced ingredients, such as fine fruit and vegetables, aubergines, courgettes, melon and watermelons from our culinary garden, local meat and dairy produce, but also the freshest fish all coming from the fishing nets of our dad, Ignatius, who sets them up every morning with the help of Yiorgos, his faithful assistant.

But fine ingredients are not enough. Nerantzoula looks after all dishes, creatively combining traditional, scrumptious recipes and local delicacies, expertly preparing moussaka, stuffed courgette florets, gioslemedes –a traditional cheese pie and a local favourite on the island.

And the list of fine dishes does not stop here. Healthy and tasty legumes, our famous spaghetti with lobster sauce, fish soup and, lest we forget, our luscious hand-made desserts, all vying for your preference.